"I just finished my ASVAB and I got a 64! My previous score was a 42. Your website was very beneficial and helped me so much!"
-C Miller 3/16/15

"Thank you, took the asvab today and I scored a 54."
-B Parker 4/22/15

"Hello Lana,
Yes, I did receive my certificate. Although I haven't taken the real asvab just yet, your course did help me with the arithmetic reasoning. I'm set to meet with my recruiter tomorrow and take the practice asvab. I feel more confident going in and taking it now than I did the first time. Since, it has been some time that I've been in a classroom. I have referred someone to take the course and hopefully it helps them as it helped me."
-F Dominguez 7/6/15

"I took the practice test on Tuesday July 7th. And took the actual asvab yesterday. I passed with a score of 55."
-F Dominguez 7/10/15

"Thanks so much for the course. The course was very helpful. I went on yesterday to take the practice asvab at my recruiter's office and I passed the practice. My recruiter has scheduled for me to go to Meps on next Friday to take the official Asvab test."
-J Williams 7/9/15

"Thank you very much! It was a pretty good refresher course, I'll be taking the official test hopefully next week and I'll let you guys know how I do, again thank you guys!"
-V Silas 12/18/15

"I greatly appreciate y'all for making this prep course it helped me in every area and yesterday I took the actual Asvab and raised my score by 20 points and was over a 50. Thank you so much!!"
-J Castillo 12/16/15

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